In this workshop we will speak about the fan tourism triggered by Dracula, the way it has changed the perception of the novel and the landscape itself. We can discuss why readers wish to see the places described in the novel, the experience they make there, and if it satisfies their needs or meets their expectations. We can also speak about the general image of Romania and how it fits the real circumstances.


Possible topics for this panel include, but are not limited to:


  • Trends in Dracula fan Tourism: what are the popular venues and how does this affect the local situation?
  • The Romanian state and Dracula: has the sceptical attitude towards Dracula tourism changed
  • The image of Romania abroad and how it matches the reality; to what extent do images projected by Dracula play a role in 
  • The ecological situation in the Borgo Pass and recent initatives by local politicians and by environmental 
  • The daily experience of a travel agency specialising on Dracula and folklore 
  • The upcoming sale of Bran Castle and how it may change the perception of 
  • The planned Dracula Travel Guide and the alternative venues it 
  • The unholy plans for a Disney-like Dracula Theme Park: the current status