The Golden Bat Awards

For the first time, the 2021 International Dracula Conference granted awards not only for the best Gothic costume, but also in other categories, such as an "Award for the Most Original Research" and an "Award for the Best Visual Preparation." The award will come in the form of a separate diploma (PDF for printing in A4 size) with the name of the winner mentioned on it. Here is the design. Moreover, there will be a material reward in the form of a relevant book.

PS: There also is a Golden Bat Award for cricket, but that bat doesn't suck blood - not the real thing!

The Golden Bat Award 2021
The Golden Bat Award 2021

The winners of 2021

THE AWARDS OF THE 2021 Children of the Night International Dracula Conference have been granted as follows:
1. The Golden Bat Award for the Most Original Research: Roberto Cavalcante Rodrigues (Brazil), for "Blood & Couture: Dracula by Eiko Ishioka (石岡 瑛子)."
2. The Golden Bat Award for the Best Visual Presentation: Enrique A. Palafox (Mexico), for "The Transmedia of Dracula."
3. The Golden Bat Award for the Best Gothic Costume: Magdalena Grabias (Poland), with her Steampunk Costume.
These three winners will be rewarded with a book (edited collection or monography) from the Palgrave Macmillan collection. Please visit the Palgrave Shop to select your book
(not the Gothic Handbooks, alas - they are special premium products...)

Further Golden Bat Awards:
4. The Golden Bat Award for the Best Baby Bat Contribution: Charlize Ayessa Marichu de Roos (Philippines), for "Born to be Bat."
5. The Golden Bat Award for the Best Educational Documentary: Hans Corneel de Roos (Philippines), for "Philippine Vampires and Other Mythical Creatures."
1) The Silver Bat Award for the Best Reference to a Vampire Character: Nina Trzaska (Poland)
2) The Silver Bat Award for the Best Classic Gothic Costume: Sharon Spendley (UK)
3) The Silver Bat Award for the Best Vampiric Make-up – Katerina Garcia Walsh (Madrid, Spain)
These three winners will receive a copy of "Powers of Darkness," plus a little surprise award.
FURTHERS AWARDS (Special Mentions):
  1. Alucard Trophy for the Most Successful Debut: Connor Long-Johnson (UK).
  2. Midnight Clock Award for Night Attendance of the COTN – Sean Rourke (California), Miguel Munoz (Mexico) and Ilmar Vanderer (New Jersey).
  3. The Carmilla Award for the Sexiest Female Presenter Voice: Victoria Amador (Minneapolis).
  4. The Varney Award for the Sexiest Male Presenter Voice: Matt Crofts (UK).
  5. The Batman Award for Consistent Upside-Down Appearance: Timothy (Jack) Kline (Texas)
  6. The Mystery Man Award for Anonymous Participation: Antonio Sanna (Italy)
  7. The Blair Witch Project Award for Mobile Participation: Florin Nechita (Romania)
These particpants will receive an additional diploma (digitally).
We hope that everyone will be happy with their prize!
Winners of the Golden and Silver Bat Awards, please email your POSTAL addresses AND your cell phone number to Hans de Roos, via
(Amazon needs your cell phone number for possible questions related to the delivery)
The Organizing Committee
April 19, 2021