"Children of the Night International Dracula Congress annual Costume Contest is already part of our tradition! Anyone with a noteworthy Gothic-themed costume is welcome to participate (online or in person), even when you are not a speaker. You can prepare a a series of photos or a video clip or present your costume "live" in person during the Congress or in front of your webcam. All entries are welcome! Please register for free by sending an email to

COTN Costume Contest, Brașov 2023

Winners: Patricia Hradec (Brazil), Peadar O'Dea (Ireland), Laurie Alisha Stella de Roos (Philippines)

COTN Costume Contest 2022 (virtual)

Winner: Nina Trzaska (Poland)

COTN Costume Contest 2021 (virtual)

Winners: Charlize Ayessa de Roos (Philippines) and Magdalena Grabias (Poland).

COTN Costume Contest 2018, Brașov, RO

Winners: Svetlana Zeybel (Germany), Nina Trzaska (Poland), Magdalena Grabias (Poland)

Fourth World Dracula Congress 2016, Dublin, Ireland

Winners: Nancy Schumann (UK), Susan "Shaz" Watson (UK)