This workshop will focus on female vampires and the role of women in vampire fiction. The aim of this panel is to explore visions of female vampire characters throughout the decades, the characters' evolution, current trends and significance of female vampires in the 21st century world. 


Possible topics for this panel include, but are not limited to:


  • First female vampires in literature and cinema
  • Female vampires in Fine Arts
  • Development of female vampires in cinema and TV shows
  • Female vampires in advertising
  • Female vampires in video games
  • Female vampires in music and video clips
  • Female vampires - (inter)national tendencies
  • Female vampires in folklore
  • Gender and sexuality in vampire related fiction
  • Vampire fiction and cultivating tradition
  • The bloody case of Elizabeth Bathory
  • Female vampires in "Carmilla"
  • Women in vampire and horror stories
  • Feminism in vampire fiction
  • Strong and/or vulnerable? - New tendencies in the 21st century literature and film
  • Female vampires in young adult literature, cinema and TV ("Twilight", "Vampire Diaries", "Vampire High", etc.)
  • Good vampire vs. bad vampire
  • I want to be a vampire! / I don't want to be a vampire!: female vampires in "Twilight" (and other vampires stories)
  • Children in vampire fiction
  • Women in "True Blood", "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and other examples of vampire fiction
  • Cartoon vampires ("Hotel Transilvania" and others