Initiators & Organisers

As in October 2016 it became clear that the World Dracula Congress series would not be continued, Hans de Roos and Magdalena Grabias decided to accept the offer made by Florin Nechita of Transilvania University of Brașov. Read more about the initiators here.

Initiative Group

Twelve participants in the Dublin 2016 World Dracula Congress volunteered to support the new planned series of Children of the Night conferences in Brașov. You can read more about them here.

Scientific Committee

To review the submitted abstracts and guarantee the academic quality of the event, six members of the Dublin Initiative Group are invited to take place in the Scientific Committee. Read more here.

Facebook Group

For posting announcements about the planned conference, and all other kinds of vampire-related news, we have a Facebook group with over 300 members - and it is still growing. It is open for all people seriously interested in Dracula research and our congress initiative.

2021 Virtual Event

Due to the COVID pandemic, we postponed the in-person conference we had scheduled for October 2020 and now decided to turn it into a virtual event, using MS Zoom or Google Meet. The organising committee consists of Dr. Magdalena Grabias, Dr. Florin Nechita, and Hans Corneel de Roos, MA. Because we do not need a physical location this time and there are no travels, accomodation, meals and cultural events to plan, there will be no registration fee and we will speed up the registration procedure as much as possible.